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Psalms Lawn Care

Your Trusted Lawn Care Provider in Central Florida

Welcome to Psalms Lawn Care! Since 2022, we've proudly served St. Cloud and Lake Nona, Florida, offering lawn mowing, fertilization, bush trimming, mulch, and tree trimming services.

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Central Florida's Trusted Provider

Delivering Exceptional Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Welcome to Psalms Lawn Care! Since 2022, we have been a small business rooted in principles of faith, unwavering commitment to quality, and unparalleled customer service. We understand that homeowners desire more than just a mowed lawn; they want a beautiful, well-maintained property they can be proud of. At Psalms Lawn Care, we prioritize exceptional customer service and reliability, ensuring you always have the necessary information and can count on us to keep your lawn and entire property looking great. Let us help you achieve the stunning landscape you deserve.

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Residential Lawn Care & Property Maintenance

At Psalms Lawn Care, no project is too big or small. We offer a complete range of services to meet all your outdoor needs, from lawn maintenance to tree trimming. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures high-quality service and customer satisfaction at every stage.

Garrett Taylor, owner of Psalms Lawn Care, on a standup riding lawn mower for lawn care service near me

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn mowing service goes beyond simply cutting grass. We meticulously edge the borders, trim around obstacles and borders, and carefully blow away any debris, leaving your lawn looking pristine and well-manicured. Trust us to handle every aspect of your lawn maintenance with precision and attention to detail.

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Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization service involves spreading granular fertilizer across your entire lawn or specific areas to rejuvenate and promote healthy growth. This treatment enriches the soil with essential nutrients, bringing your lawn back to life and ensuring it stays lush and vibrant. Trust Psalms Lawn Care to provide the nourishment your lawn needs.

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Mulch Installation

Our mulch installation service begins with a thorough landscape cleanup, ensuring a tidy and prepared area. We then install fresh mulch to enhance the appearance of your garden beds, retain moisture, and suppress weeds. Let Psalms Lawn Care refresh your landscape with a clean, polished look.

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Bush Trimming

Our bush trimming service is designed to enhance the appearance of your landscape. We expertly trim your bushes to your desired height, shaping them neatly and removing any excess growth. Our team ensures a thorough cleanup, leaving your property looking tidy and well-maintained. Trust us to transform your bushes into beautiful focal points of your outdoor space.

Garrett Taylor, owner of Psalms Lawn Care, trimming a tree for palm tree trimming services near me in Central Florida by Psalms Lawn Care

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming service focuses on removing small tree branches that can be reached from the ground or with a small ladder. This helps maintain the health and appearance of your trees, ensuring they look neat and well-kept. Trust Psalms Lawn Care to provide careful and effective tree trimming for your property.

A worker trimming a tree for palm tree trimming services near me in Central Florida by Psalms Lawn Care

Palm Tree Trimming

Our palm tree trimming service includes removing all dead and unwanted fronds to keep your palm trees healthy and attractive. We ensure proper disposal of the trimmed fronds, leaving your landscape clean and well-maintained. Trust Psalms Lawn Care for expert care and attention to your palm trees.


Customer Testimonials

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with Psalms Lawn Care.

"Garret was in the neighborhood and offered to mow our lawn and did a fantastic job, so we jumped on his schedule for reoccurring schedule. He always communicates well and lets me know when he would be arriving.  Highly recommend Psalms Lawn Care—our yard has never looked better."

Stephanie B.

"Garrett is a remarkable Godly young man and I highly recommend his lawn services. He lets you know when he's headed to your property, arrival, and completion. He does a thorough job and offers reasonable pricing."

Gene W.

"My experience with Garret and psalms lawn care has been unparalleled with the communication, punctuality, and quality of work being nothing short of amazing, especially at such a great price. I definitely recommend this company to everyone, and plan on continuing to use the services as long as I can"

Hailey N.

About Us

Psalms Lawn Care: Excellence and Commitment

Garrett Taylor, the proud owner of Psalms Lawn Care, originally hails from Tennessee and has called Central Florida home for the past decade. His passion for cultivating green spaces began in childhood, meticulously tending to the lawn of his family home. In late 2021, the vision for Psalms Lawn Care crystallized, and by summer 2022, the journey officially began. Though currently a modest operation, Garrett's vision is to grow Psalms Lawn Care into a robust business rooted in faith, quality work, and exceptional customer service. Join Psalms Lawn Care in fostering lush, beautiful landscapes and experience the difference in their service. Whether you're a longstanding customer or new to Psalms Lawn Care, you are invited to embrace the values that define the company.

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